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Brand identity, marketing communication, and design services for small businesses and non-profits.

Brand identity, marketing communication, and design services for small businesses and non-profits.

Core Services

A high-level overview of the key services that I provide. Clients can either select one focus area or create a customized package to fit their needs and goals. If you are unsure of where to start, send me an email or schedule a time to chat.

A tailored strategy equipped with templates, KPIs, SMART goals, and a step-by-step guide to lead your organization to success.

Marketing and Communication Plans

Hone in on what makes your business unique and take a deep-dive to understand your core mission and values. We will look at colors, themes, iconography, logo design to support your brand.

Brand Identity and Style Guide Development

Refresh your existing website or create a brand new build to highlight your strengths, elevate your user experience, and clarify your messaging. We will also optimize your SEO to increase organic traffic and visibility.

Website Design and Optimization

Strategies, content, and implementation to connect with your audience. Social media marketing, blog, video, email marketing, and more.

Content Marketing and Copy Writing


“Vanessa is an absolute Rockstar when it comes to social media, WordPress designs, and strategy. I would highly recommend her for any online business owner!”

Teo Vanyo, CEO at Stealth Agents


"I highly recommend Vanessa. Honored to collaborate with her in our work for the Black Wildflowers Fund."

Dr. Erika L. McDowell, CEO at Black Wildflowers


"The communications materials and video scripts that she developed consistently received high praise. She is a pleasure to work with, very creative, and accountable to every deadline. She is flexible, thoughtful, and thorough."

Kim Zablud, Founder at Advancing with Purpose


"...Her communication skills, clear thinking and proactive nature have up-leveled the whole team's performance... she takes pride in communicating well and has the right instincts around when to be proactive and when to escalate a question."

Jefferson Stovall,  President at The Beekeeper Group

Core Services

I provide branding and communication services to help organizations and entrepreneurs refine and elevate their messaging.

My complementary mix of services will give your company a holistic solution that includes creative design elements, marketing strategies, editorial content and copy.

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